Palette Project

Palette Project (Palepro) Guidelines for Derivative Works

Thank you very much for your continued support of the virtual idol unit " Palette Project (Palepro)" (hereinafter referred to as "Palepro").

These guidelines have been established to ensure that fans can feel free to publish derivative works of MateReal Corporation's (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") copyrighted works such as official images and videos.

With regard to some of the derivative works by individuals and circles (non-corporate entities) related to Palepro and its characters, etc., as long as they comply with these Guidelines and are within the scope of individual doujin activities, we will not make any claims of copyright infringement or other rights. When you create derivative works or reproduce videos of our copyrighted works, you are deemed to have agreed to these Guidelines. If you do not agree to these guidelines, you may not engage in derivative works or video reproduction. Therefore, fans are requested to read through the entire text of these guidelines before publishing derivative works of our copyrighted materials.

The guidelines are subject to revision without notice. Users are requested to check this page from time to time and to conduct derivative works and video reproductions within the scope described in the latest guidelines. Please note that we will not be liable for any damages resulting from the revision of these guidelines.

1. Applicability and Definitions of the Guidelines

The Company's copyrighted works to which these Guidelines apply are as follows

All works related to "Palepro" for which we hold the rights, including image data, scenarios, and music produced and published by us (hereinafter referred to as "Primary Creation Contents")

In addition, the definitions of terms used in these Guidelines are as follows

Secondary creative works
The act of individuals and circles (non-corporate entities) using knowledge obtained from the Company as part of their fan activities to creatively express their own thoughts or feelings ("Secondary Creative Activities"), or the works that are created ("Secondary Creative Works"). This does not include mere modification of primary creative content without creativity.

Video Reproduction 
The act of producing videos that include so-called "clipped videos" (hereinafter referred to as "Reproduced Videos"), in which character images, videos, audio, etc., which are primary creative content provided by the Company, and in particular, portions of live broadcasts are used and audio, text, etc., are added. Since Reproduced Videos means videos that use the images, videos, audio, etc. of our members, it includes both derivative works and mere modifications of primary creative content that is not creative.

2. who these guidelines are intended for

Individuals and clubs (unincorporated entities)

These guidelines do not apply to corporate entities
(including cases in which the entity is in effect a corporation, such as when a corporation bears the production costs, etc., even if the entity is under the name of an individual
If you are considering fan activities such as production, presentation, distribution, etc. of derivative works by a corporation, please contact us individually using the following contact form
and provide the following information:
- Company name and address
- Name of the person in charge
- Contact information
- Planned Details of secondary activities and video reprints

3. Scope of this Guideline

You may freely create and publish derivative works (posting videos, live broadcasts, images, distribution of fanzines, etc.) for personal or circle use only, within the scope of the following conditions of use. You do not need to apply to us or pay royalties to us if your use is within the scope of the following terms and conditions.

The "scope of non-profit fan activities" is defined as all of the following. If any one of the following is not satisfied, the activity is not considered to be a non-profit fan activity.

Individuals or circles (unincorporated entities) that conduct activities without the purpose of making a profit.

Distribution without charge, or in cases where price is obtained, only a small amount of compensation is received, such as the cost of raw materials or other costs incurred in the production.

The information must be used within the scope of a hobby, and must not be used for advertising or promotion of other contents, products or services.

4. Scope of Permission for Derivative Works (Own Works Only)

You may freely create and publish derivative works (posting videos, live broadcasts, images, distribution of fanzines, etc.) for personal or circle use only, within the scope of the following conditions of use. You do not need to apply to us or pay royalties to us if your use is within the scope of the following terms and conditions.

However, we may request that you cease publication of derivative works that we deem inappropriate, such as those that deviate from the conditions of use listed below.

Please be advised that any derivative works that are published may be introduced in our advertisements, events, etc.

5. Terms and Conditions of Use

Secondary creative activities recognized by the Company refer to new creations made by individuals based on the primary creative content provided by the Company. Specifically, the following activities are covered: creation of illustrations, fanzines, manga, novels, etc., as creative works, and their various operations; creation of cosplay costumes and various activities using cosplay, and their various operations, etc., as activities.
We permit the distribution of derivative works within the scope of non-profit fan activities, except in the case of the following video reproductions.
In addition to complying with these guidelines, including the following prohibited acts, we would appreciate it if you could do so within the scope of general good manners.

The following actions are strictly prohibited.
Even if an act falls within the definition of derivative activity, if any of the following applies, it does not fall under the category of derivative activity recognized by the Company. Failure to comply will result in individual contact, including a request to cease secondary creative activities.

(1) Commercial use of a commercial nature, regardless of whether it is paid or free.

Publication and distribution of fanzines and other activities shall not fall under this category, provided that such activities are not deemed to be of an excessive commercial nature.

At least, sales of more than 200 units or sales of more than 100,000 yen (number of units produced × sales price (excluding tax)) will be considered as commercial use with a high degree of business potential.

(2) Direct secondary use of primary creative content like illustrations, videos, audio, music, etc. (copyright infringement).

These Guidelines do not permit the use of official images (illustrations, logos, etc.), video, audio, music, etc. as primary creative content, either as-is or as merely modified without creativity.

(3) Activities that damage or are detrimental to the image of Palepro or primary content (including activities that damage the Company's brand or image).

(4) Activities that are deemed offensive to the laws and regulations of each country, public order and morals, or that exceed socially acceptable limits.

(5) Any conduct that infringes or may infringe on the rights of primary creative content and third parties.

(6) Use of primary creative content or secondary creative activities that fall under the category of Adult Content.

(7) Any act of making misleading representations as if the contents are official contents of Palepro.

(8) Activities that may lead to discrimination based on race, creed, religion, gender, social status, etc.

(9) Use of primary or secondary creative content for a specific creed, religion, or political position

(10) Reproduction of primary creative content on video sharing sites or other media without permission.

(11) Other activities that the Company deems to be beyond the scope of secondary creative activities.

6. Rules for Reproduction of Clipped Videos and Other Videos

If you wish to publish a "Reproduced Video," please be sure to submit the following information using this format to obtain our permission in advance.

E-mail address

Channel name, site name

Channel URL

Monetization or not

The information submitted will not be used for any purpose other than the management of the reproduced video.

For channels that we have approved, we will allow you to post reproduced videos and grant you a license number to the extent that it is allowed as part of your non-profit fan activities.
However, we ask that you comply with the following conditions even for channels that we have approved.

(1) Activities will be limited to those that do not fall under any of the above prohibited activities. For example, the submission of videos that are merely cut from the original
video or distribution will be prohibited.

(2) Please be sure to include the URL of the original video or transmission and the permission number we have granted in the summary section of the reprinted video.

(3) When posting a reprinted video, please post it at least 24 hours after the end of the original live streaming.

(4) If you are monetizing on the channel where you are posting reprinted videos, please report to the following contact form
when the total revenue of the posted videos involving our members
exceeds 100,000 yen per month.

We may request the deletion of "reproduced videos" that are not in compliance.

7. Use of Derivative Works or Reproduced Videos by the Company

On the other hand, please be aware that we may use the published derivative works and reprinted videos for our live distribution, SNS, etc., without compensation. If we decide that we wish to officially distribute or merchandise your work, we will contact you individually to discuss the matter. Please use the Twitter hashtag designated by each character to make it easier for our characters to access derivative works and reprinted videos. However, please note that we may use the hashtags listed above even if the hashtag is not used when the derivative work is published.

8. other

We ask that fans please conduct derivative works
to the extent described in the latest guidelines.

These guidelines have been prepared as a guideline for the smooth and creative activities of those who engage in derivative works related to PAREPRO. They are not intended to form a specific social or political statement that does not directly relate to the Company or its fans.

Notwithstanding the provisions of these guidelines, we reserve the right to request individual customers to discontinue the use of this information on an exceptional and individual basis if we deem it necessary. Please note that the Company shall not be held liable for any event that occurs as a result of such discontinuation.

We are not responsible for any problems related to derivative works or reproduction of videos.
Please enjoy the secondary creative activities and video reproductions at your own risk.

All matters related to these guidelines shall be governed by the laws of Japan, and the Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction as the court of first instance.

If you have any questions regarding these Guidelines, please send them to us using the Contact Form.

These guidelines are current as of June 1, 2022.

Revision History

2023.08.15 Changed the domain name listed due to HP domain change
2022.06.01 Significantly revised the guidelines to make them easier to understand and use
2020.08.07 Removed copywrite notation in terms of use
2019.12.20 Removed terms regarding profit sharing
2018 .12.01 First draft