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Kyoka Eba's Birthday Present Acceptance

Accept birthday gifts from Kyoka Eba.

Acceptance Period]
4/10~4/20 *postmarked by


2-31-20 Ikejiri, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-0001 Shimizu Bldg. 5F
" Palette ProjectKyoka Eba's Birthday Present"

We cannot accept cash, money certificates (including gift certificates and tickets), items requiring refrigeration or freezing, food and drink, perishable items, items that are difficult to store, items that have been opened or used, items whose contents cannot be checked, items that are electrically conductive, and other items that are deemed unsafe .

Please do not send them after the period. It will be difficult for us to receive your gifts and fan letters in the future as well.

Please refrain from bringing in items that cannot be carried home by the talent alone (e.g. heavy or large items).

Please refrain from using expensive items (over 10,000 yen).

There may be cases other than those mentioned above that the management may not be able to hand over the tickets to the members.

The birthday gift for Kyoka Eba is a special measure only for this time.

The future of the company has not yet been determined.

If we receive items that do not follow the rules, we will not be able to do this in the future, so please be sure to follow the rules.