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Motion Capture Studio Rental Begins

We now offer studio rentals of a 7.6m x 4m motion capture space equipped with OptiTrack equipment! Up to 8 adults can record motion simultaneously.  

Since we also use this studio for our own content, we have established a system that allows us to offer our services at reasonable prices in the industry (from 50,000 yen/hour). We would be happy if you could use our studio for various purposes, such as reducing the cost and resources to maintain your own motion capture equipment, or just using it for trial purposes.

Example of use

  • Live Events
  • Recording of dance motion
  • Chat Distribution
  • Other Events

It is suitable for content distribution using 3D characters and virtual youtubers (VTubers), such as

Please check our live events for live results in motion capture delivery.

Studio Details

Recording area 7.6m x 4m x 2.2m (W x D x H)
・ Motion capture suit (S/M/L)

・ OptiTrack PrimeX22 22 units

Studio fee
・ Studio fee
Studio use only 65,000 yen ~ (tax not included)/hour (separate studio: 50,000 yen ~)
With support staff 80,000 yen ~ (tax not included)/hour (separate studio: 65,000 yen ~)
(Take home data on the day/No Edit) *Data format: fbx, bvh, csv, c3d, and others on request

Character Setup (VRM) from 30,000 yen / 1 character
Scene Setup on request

A separate studio is also in operation, and both size and price can be discussed.

■Studio Location:
・Minato-ku, Tokyo (Please inquire for detailed location.)
・Hours: 10:00 - 20:00 (Weekends and holidays also available.)

■Reservations and Inquiries
Please contact us using this application form.