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Rona Nanami & Kotoha Fujimiya redebuted as a new unit "RouteHeart"!

The two former members of "Altimate! will make a fresh debut as "RouteHeart".

We spent a lot of time discussing the unit name with them, and came up with a name that combines the meaning of √♡(Heart), which expresses the "beating of the heart" like a heartbeat, and "Route," which means "to sing a song that reaches the hearts of those who listen to us.

At their debut live concert, they performed "Love Labyrinth" for the first time as the 1st single that symbolizes "RouteHeart" and the song is now available for download, so we hope you will listen to their thoughtful song!

Debut Live:

Love Labyrinth distribution link:

Please support RouteHeart, a royal idol singing songs of youth and love!