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Palette Project

Notice Concerning Termination of Contract with Helena Shiragi-Helena

To all of you who always support us

Thank you for your continued support of Palette Project.
We regret to inform you suddenly that Helena Shiragani, a member of Palette Project, has been terminated as of today due to a breach of contract with MateRealInc.

The reason for the termination of the contract is a breach of confidentiality for sharing inside information to outside fans.
Some fans shared with us, along with their concerns, a situation where Soul Twitter and fans were connected and Soul shared internal information to fans.
After confirming the contents and facts, we have decided that it is necessary to terminate the contract in order to manage the project in the future, as it could damage the brand of Palepro, which we have created together with the staff, including the members of the project.

Helena Shiragane is also a member who has worked hard with us, and despite our differences in feelings, she is an important colleague.
For this reason, before making this decision, we held discussions with Helena Shiragane herself.
It is a fact that her goals are similar to those of a distributor, and that her activities as an idol unit in this project have led to differences in what she should be aiming for.

We sincerely apologize to Palette Projectand all of our fans who support Shirogane Helena for this matter.

Please be advised that Helena Shiragane is not scheduled to appear in any of the broadcasts that have been announced.
Also, please refrain from asking questions or making comments to the members on social networking sites regarding her departure from the group.
We are very sorry to all the fans who have supported Shirogane Helena and to all those who have supported us. We apologize again.
We appreciate your understanding and understanding.